Who We Are
Big Medium is a non-profit organization dedicated to championing and cultivating artists and the contemporary arts in Austin and across Texas. Through our programs and partnerships, we are working to foster the arts and facilitate an inclusive cultural dialogue between artists and their communities.

What We Do
Big Medium produces the West Austin Studio Tour (WEST), the East Austin Studio Tour (EAST), the Texas Biennial, the Tito’s Prize, Creative Standard, and presents innovative exhibitions throughout the year in the Big Medium Gallery. We also provide studio space to artists at Canopy and umbrella several artists and creative organizations through our Sponsored Projects program. All of these endeavors have forged new opportunities for both creatives and the community at large - removing barriers and empowering artists to share their work with the public in a new way that celebrates not only the finished product, but the creative process. Big Medium engages over 1,000 artists and 100,000 attendees in artistic experiences each year. 

All Big Medium programs seek to provide opportunities for artists to create, exhibit, and discuss their work and process, as well as celebrate a multitude of voices and practices in our creative community.  

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Big Medium